Become a Remote Assistant

And work closely with a CEO all the way to a Solo-Founder.

  • Flexible

    From part-time, full time or hourly we can help adjust to your schedule or keep you as busy as you wish to be. 

  • Community

    Join a community of other assistants and learn together, network, collaborate, try new exciting tools, and more.

  • Fully Remote

    We strongly believe in remote work and will help you get a position that allows you to work remotely.


Why you should consider joining

  • Learn from professionals

    At Adept School, we believe in trying to get you a position that you find exciting. We find it to be the best way to keep you excited and looking forward to work.

  • Gain experience

    Gain experience from working directly with a CEO all the way to a Solo Founder or even Youtuber/Social Media influencer. This is not for a 'call center' environment.

  • Grow together

    Grow with your employer and potentially open the doors to many more opportunities with them or through the experience and network you will build.

Some of our fellows

Here are some of our wonderful remote assistants.
We would all be happy to have you join the community!

Our Pricing & Options

We believe in transaparency with our pricing and contracts. We know you are curious about the salary so this pricing table should help make everything clear.

Part Time

Starting at

Full Time

Starting at


Starting at
Starting Salary
The minimum starting salary you can expect.
$350 to $500 monthly
$600 to $900 monthly
$5 hourly
Salary (1+ Year)
The average salary you can expect within working with the same employer for 1+ year.
$500 to $700 monthly
$900 to $1200 monthly
$7 hourly
Training/Trial Period
This represents the amount of time an employer may ask to have you join as an unpaid training/trial. (You will both need to agree to this ahead of time.)
✓ 7 Days
✓ 7 Days
✓ 3 Days
This represents the amount of time an employer may have to decide to stop working with you for the time being. (You will both need to agree to this ahead of time.)
✓ 14 to 30 days
✓ 14 to 30 days
✓ 14 to 30 days
Weekly Hours
This represents the amount of hours you must commit per week.
✓ 20 hours
✓ 40 hours
✓ n/a
Min. Contract
This represents the minimum length of a contract with potential employers.
✓ 3 months
✓ 6 months
✓ n/a
Community Access
Get access to the Adept School community and attend our private events and curated resources, collaborate with others and much more.
✓ Yes
✓ Yes
✓ Yes
Adept School Fee
To keep Adept School sustainable in the long term, we charge a small fee of 10% to help match you with employers all the way to handle payments for them and more if requested.
✓ 10%
✓ 10%
✓ 10%

What you may help with

Below are some of the many things you may be asked to help with depending on your interest.

  • General

    • Community Management
    • Blog & Newsletter Writer
    • Calendar Management
    • Email Management
    • Basic Video Editing
    • Data Entry
    • & Much more
  • Social Media

    • Community Engagement
    • Scheduling Content
    • Content Creation
    • Finding leads
    • Clubhouse Host
    • DM Management
    • & Much more
  • Company Help

    • Basic Web Development
    • Live Chat support
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Service
    • Sales calls
    • Sales Emails
    • & Much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to the question you have, please do not hesitate to contact us.